About Us

Yoga, Movement & Wellness.

We believe in you. Whether you have not moved your body in years and are looking to get back into yoga or movement or are a seasoned yogi we are here to help support you though your journey.

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. Come and indulge in yourself at Revitalize. Move your body, enhance your mind and revive your being.

Our yoga studio, based in Topsham Exeter, is specifically designed to be a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We aim to bring the enjoyment of movement and wellness back into your life in a light-hearted and sustainable way.

We have an array of enlightening classes and workshops. Groove in the way you like to move, be it yoga classes, barre, TRX, pilates classes, mum & baby Pilates, prenatal yoga or aerial yoga we have something for everyone.